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Bring Your Ideas to Life

We collaborate with your chefs to help you create the right product, at the right time, with the right ingredients. Combining the best of what nature offers with the very latest food-manufacturing technology and advanced scientific methods, we help you create great food with the following customization options:


Whatever flavor profile you’re looking to bring to your menu, we’ll help make it a reality. Thanks to our experienced research and development team, we know what tastes are on trend at any given moment and adapt them to chef-driven input. Whatever flavor profile you’re going for, we can achieve it.



A visceral part of the dining experience, texture is an inherent component of every dish. We help you find the best texture to deliver the exact flavor and mouth feel that will keep your patrons returning to your restaurant. 


A diner’s first impression of your dish is visual. Allow us to give you an ingredient that will create a striking presentation to prime your patrons’ taste buds. From dices, strips, shreds or crumbles of meat to kettle-cooked products like stews, soups and chili, you’re sure to enjoy ingredients that can please any crowd.


Experience You Can Trust

With a focus on quality, cost efficiency and innovation, we provide the manufacturing experience to take your menu to another level. Here’s how each of our behind-the-scenes efforts benefits you:



We deliver our high quality in the form of precision and consistency of taste, texture, and appearance across all products we manufacture for our restaurants. There’s no compromise when it comes to safety and quality.


Cost Efficiency

We know your restaurant has unique needs, which is why we offer a wide range of packaging sizes to give you the most cost-effective purchasing solution. You’ll see the cost effectiveness through significant savings in prep time, less food waste and storage space in the back of the house.



Our process involves innovative methods of developing or matching custom flavors made just for your restaurant. Restaurants who partner with us can count on our experience and innovation efforts to deliver products with the diner in mind.