Kettle Cooked Products

Soups, stews and sauces are essential components for a variety of food recipes. Producing them, however, requires a significant time and equipment investment. At Cargill, we can efficiently produce the exact kettle-cooked product you desire and have it ready for immediate use once it arrives at your facility.

Benefits of Kettle Cooked Products

By outsourcing your kettle-cooked products, you don’t have to source ingredients, prep them or cook them, which can take hours. Our process makes things much more manageable. Here are three other benefits of using us for your kettle-cooked products.

Possibilities of Kettle Cooked Products

Since we can modify each recipe to requested customer specifications, kettle-cooked products are a convenient and versatile solution for all restaurant chains and food production companies. Want a certain flavor? We can do that. Prefer a certain thickness? Done. Whatever you’re going to do with a dish, we can make it happen. From sweet and spicy stews to desserts like cinnamon apple filling or blueberry sauce, we have versatile process for it.


Easy Implementation

With our kettle-cooked products like soup, all you need to do is heat them up. For soup concentrates, simply add water or milk to reconstitute the soup and add other ingredients like rice or potatoes to further enhance it.


Customized Recipes

There’s really no limit to the number of different kettle-cooked recipes you can try. We’ll do everything custom for you.


Good Margins

We also help you eliminate food waste and save on labor costs. Soups typically have good margins and soup concentrates are affordable since there isn’t as much liquid being shipped.


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