Oven-Cooked, Shredded and Diced Meat

Low and slow: that’s the key for good oven-cooked and shredded meat. Traditionally made in a kettle or slow cooker, these proteins need ample time to break down so they can be shredded or diced easily. Does your restaurant chain or food production company have the time and capacity to spend 10 or more hours preparing these meats? Rushing this process can result in a satisfactory product, but not an authentic, exceptional one that a slow-cooking process offers. At Cargill, we can marinate and slow cook meats for 12-13 hours. After shredding and packing, they’re ready to go once they arrive at your facility.

Benefits of Oven Cooked, Diced and Shredded Meat

Dishes with oven-cooked, diced or shredded meat have become their own type of comfort food and customers are expecting to see them on menus across the country. Since they have a long cooking process, though, it can be tough to handle the logistics of dishes with shredded meats. Cargill can provide high-quality meats for your menu, helping you free up time and facility space while avoiding cross-contamination and satisfying customers.

Possibilities of Oven Cooked, Diced and Shredded Meat

When you use Cargill, there are endless possibilities when it comes to combinations of flavors, cooking methods, protein types and recipes. We customize our proteins to meet your exact specifications, meaning you won’t use the same product as your competitors. To put this in perspective, here are just a few of the possibilities with diced and shredded meats.



This first trend is a great example of why shredded meat is so versatile. It’s a blank canvas that can be manipulated to fit a variety of cuisines. We can match any flavor profile you desire.


Cooking Process

We can adjust cooking time (3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours, etc.) and process (boiled, broiled, fried, etc.) to match your preferred texture and appearance.


Protein Type

Customers these days enjoy variety when it comes to protein. Whether you plan on using a classic like beef or pork, or are interested in a health-conscious option like poultry, we can make it happen.



Experimenting with different meats and analyzing customer response is also a huge trend today. Our operational flexibility allows us to help you quickly create and tweak or adapt recipes as needed.


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