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Case Study: How Five Star Custom Foods Expedited the Food Development Process for an Existing Customer

Posted by Five Star Custom Foods R&D Team on Apr 27, 2017 8:30:00 AM

This case study details how Five Star Custom Foods went above and beyond for an existing customer with a time-sensitive request.

Case Study Details:



The culinary department at one of Five Star Custom Foods’ manufacturing customers had developed a small meatball in their own kitchen that was preferred by their marketing department over any alternative they evaluated that was commercially available. The product development team felt that the unique appearance and texture of this meatball would be impossible to source economically on a large scale.

The customer presented Five Star with the challenge of matching the chef-prepared meatball and commercializing the process and product within one month. Five Star was able to match the flavor and appearance using existing processes. The greatest hurdle was meeting the customer’s expectations regarding texture.

Five Star Custom Foods modified its process and was able to develop the product with the desired texture, flavor, appearance and weight requirements. Working closely with the customer’s development team, Five Star was able to complete the development and scale up the first production run within the challenging time frame. The product ended up being extremely successful and is still being sold in stores today.


Here are some of the benefits the client enjoyed from this particular case: 

  • Higher-quality ingredient: Five Star was able to develop a superior product than what was commercially available at the time.
  • Met deadline: We were able to help them meet the tight timeframe given by their marketing department to roll out the new product.
  • Successful sales numbers: Millions of pounds of products have been manufactured since development and the product has been a success.
  • Correct attributes: The requested meatball needed to have a crumbly texture while maintaining a small size, which Five Star was able to accomplish to the client’s expectations.


While such short development cycles are certainly not the norm, this case study goes to show the value of Five Star Custom Foods’ experience and flexibility. We strive to meet our customers’ needs and help them accomplish their goals whenever possible, even if we have to go above and beyond to make it happen.



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