Delivering a
Five Star Experience

For our customers


Our Value Proposition

At Five Star Custom Foods we are committed to delivering a Five Star experience to our customers. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver a Five Star product and a Five Star experience with every interaction.


Five Star Values

Expertise in Creative Product Development,Flexibility, Integrated Technical Process Controls, Streamlined Approach & Quick Turnaround


IQF Frozen Meat & Sausage Crumbles, Diced Oven Cooked Proteins, Chili, Soup, Sauces, Queso


Service, Technology, Attention to Detail, Responsiveness & Safety

The Five Star Way

Service Component of Five Star Way


We are service oriented and think of ourselves as an extension of your company. Our commit- ment to serving your needs extends to every phase of business, from product development to purchasing, production to quality.

Technology Component of Five Star Way


Five Star keeps a clear focus on technology. Our cutting-edge systems maintain precision in your product and ensure seamless product progression from beginning to end.

Attention to Detail Component of Five Star Way

AttentionTo Detail

Our attention to detail is evident in everything we do and distinguishes our level of service and quality of product.

Responsiveness Component of Five Star Way


Five Star’s responsiveness is unmatched. We are committed to be on time with all orders and to the timely development of quality new products through our Research and Development team. As an extension of your company, we respond to your needs as if they were our own.

Safety Component of Five Star Way


Our dedication to food safety and employee safety is one of our guiding principles. We ensure safety is a priority through proper education, maintaining a pro-active approach and adhering to strict safety guidelines in our plants.


Five Star Fundamental of the Week


Meet Our Five Star Team

To find out more about Five Star Custom Foods and how we can add value to your business, visit our
Contact Page or call us directly 682-647-2790. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Marco A. Flores

    Marco A. Flores

    Line Leader Formulation

  • Miguel Rivera

    Miguel Rivera

    Production Specialist

  • JeffBledsoe

    Jeff Bledsoe

    Founding Partner & President

  • Mike Calixto

    Mike Calixto

    2nd Shift Production Manager

  • Nestor Martinez

    Nestor Martinez

    2nd Shift Production Manager

  • Pete Guzman

    Pete Guzman

    Refrigeration Specialist

  • Raul Gutierrez

    Raul Gutierrez

    Group Leader Shipping

  • Robert K. Graves

    Robert K. Graves

    Maintenance Manager

  • Salvador Rios

    Salvador Rios

    Production Specialist

  • Stephanie Robinson

    Stephanie Robinson

    Purchasing / MRP Specialist

  • Steve Breunig

    Steve Breunig

    Sales Rep

  • Susie Jaeger

    Susie Jaeger

    Corporate Account Director

Join The

FIVE star team

We are always looking for great people who share our values.  Culture is very important to us. We also are looking for great people for everything from culinary research and development to industrial logistics. Are you a fit for the Five Star Team? Five Star Custom Foods is more than an employer. We consider everyone who works with us part of the family.