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At Cargill, we have the capability to solve your business’ most complex challenges, help you take your business to the next level and to bring new products from concept to reality.

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Our Capabilities

We have three distinct processing platforms: cooked meat crumbles, oven- cooked diced and shredded meats, as well as kettle-cooked products. We are capable of processing a wide variety of component or core ingredients for food service applications and food manufacturing applications.

You learn a few things during 150 years in business. Today, Cargill applies that expertise to serve our customers and help them thrive.


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Meat Crumble Equipment

Our Facilities

We have two custom food plants — one in Fort Worth, Texas, and the other in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fort Worth facility houses corporate offices, research & development teams and also produces all three product lines.

Nashville, our second state of the art facility began production in 2009 and supports our continued growth in the food manufacturing industry. It currently only produces meat crumbles.


Our Process

The R&D process is integral to our customer relationships. Our acumen in research and development is often times what separates us from our competition. Our scientists work directly with our customers to understand exactly what our customer is trying to accomplish.

We then work together to find the best solution to help our customer meet their objectives.




How We Serve


Your patrons crave new tastes and new dishes. We can help you develop flavor profiles with the perfect texture and appearance to enhance any menu item, new or revised. With our quick turn-around-times for samples you can be on the road to culinary nirvana without the slightest delay.


How We Serve


When delevoping new products or reformulating an existing item, the Five Star team can help you find that perfect balance of flavor, appearance, texture, nutritional value and cost optimization. Our facilities are SQF Level 3 Certified and our GMP and HACCP plans guide us every step of the way to clean facilities and safe food.


  • Five Star sells you more than just the product. They sell you everything that goes along with the product. When you’re working with them, you’re developing a specific ingredient that has the nutritional background that you’re looking for, that has the financial costing that you need, that has the flavor, the texture and the performance.  —  Long time Five Star customer

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